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Do you believe in love?

When something amazing happens to you, your first thought is to sit down and pray nothing equally bad happens in your life to put you back down on the ground. Because that’s what life is – a mix of up’s and down’s, an unchangeable balance of emotions and experiences, some shared and some only dreamt of.

So I sit now in my lotus position, I inhale the jasmine-scented air, and the whirl of thoughts in my head goes into a deep prayer. I hope. Because I love. And I love, because unlike many others, I still believe in love.


Да живея значи да греша.

“Това матово стъкло, зад което си мислех, че не мога да проникна, всъщност беше прозрачно като кристал и любовта, която виждах, просто се отразяваше отвътре. Ето това беше моята втора лична катастрофа. Катастрофата, която ме върна обратно в света на хората, и ме накара да си обещая, че повече няма да правя така. Не да не следвам принципите изобщо, или пък да не си създавам свои собствени, не да спра да се съмнявам в хората, или пък да вярвам само на себе си. Никога повече няма да спирам да живея. И ще си позволя да правя грешки, понякога…”

от Ина Карушкова
English, Thoughts

Keep calm and love yourself.


In my dreams I had already had the same thought I was having right now, passing through my mind, frisky as a bird. I knew that was a deja vu, even though none of it made sense.
All I was certain of was that I was robbed from the inside – each passenger I had let in my heart had taken a piece of it, all of them leaving me. Empty.

I realised no one is returning to place back the missing pieces. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. So there was just one thing for me to do.

I had to carry on.
To keep moving on.
To walk forward.

And keep letting people steal from my heart until I find the one person that’s gonna fill in the empty spaces and make me truly alive again, feeling the joy of waking up side by side with the sun.

I had to carry on.
On my own.
For now.

However long that might be.

And you know what? Life tends to be sad, but it’s always beautiful.

And you know what? People may betray you, or leave you, or not love you at all. But remember this one thing – you will always have yourself.

Love yourself.