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Night owls.

We follow the descending sun to witness the rebirth of nighttime. We let loose our laziness during the long afternoons so we can tame it in the vast hours of the starry lateness.  We are the children of creation and so we put life into creation. We obtain inspiration through the shadows of night, through the glory of moonlight, through the drunkenness of humanity. We find meaning in the state of solitude, in the form of contemplation, in the search of serenity. We are constantly looking for the divine and so we strive for the unattainable, filled with aspirations of love. We live in a world of ideas, and our universe is boundless. 

We are the night owls.

English, Poetry

Math of love.

Love is nothing but
a word, unless
you fill it with some
meaning. I do not mean
I do not love you, but
that is merely a fact. For
if you spend the day to
listen to the
heartbeats of my heart, there
you shall find it – all
the proof to solve
the problem of this theory.



Казват, че в мълчанието се крие (най-висшата) истината, че в тишината се крият всички отговори, а някъде дълбоко в нас е заровено умението да улавяме нужните думи. Някои дори се плашат да останат сами със себе си, защото биха се загубили в безкрайните предели на тишината, в ехото на собствените си мисли и страхове. 

Но мълчанието може да бъде и форма на безхарактерност, на слабост, на ранимост.

Защо да мълчиш, когато си прав, когато имаш какво да кажеш, когато трябва да защитиш себе си?

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The Formula of Happiness.

I wish I knew a routine that’s gonna keep me truly happy every day. Truth is each new day represents just another struggle to keep hold of happiness that is so stubbornly slipping away. And it is very likely that even if you find that formula how to be happy, a year from now it’s gonna be expired, and you will need to create a completely different one.

Everything in life is so transient, take for example our fragile human bodies which are full of life only for a couple of decades, make it a century in the best case scenario, not sure if the luckiest though. We are complicated creatures with complicated needs, yet most of the time we’re not living, but merely existing.

Instead of a search of the philosopher’s stone, I’d go on a pilgrimage like the Alchemist to find the formula of Happiness. Only I wouldn’t be the Alchemist, but I’d be the shepherd in search of my treasure for my treasure will be my happiness. And when I find it, I would be the luckiest adventurer in this world, a blessed child living among grown-ups.


English, Short Story


‘Hey, Marie’
‘What’s the purpose of life?’, he said, his blue eyes filled with ambiguity, ‘Can you tell me that?’
‘I can tell you my purpose is different than yours.’
‘But how can you be so sure?’
‘Well, I want to make art. And you want to be an engineer.’
‘We will be both creating then. Isn’t that the same?’
She looked at him with a hint of resentment. Then added, ‘I guess.’
‘So you don’t know what the purpose of life is?’, he continued.
‘I guess no.’
He was gloomy. He had so many answers to find and no one seemed to be willing to give them to him. Or maybe no one had the knowledge.
‘Hey, Marie’
With the slightest of movements, her eyes caught a glimpse of the moon and then transferred back to him.
‘Do you love me?’

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Pride & Prejudice.

Pride and prejudice might as well be the most common reasons why people are unhappy. They make us true fools, both in life and love.

Truth is, we are equal, but we are not the same. We are beautiful individuals that should be appreciated with great care. Prejudice might stand in the way of seeing things for what they really are and pride would simply cast a shadow of doubt every time we come around the truth. For ego then to strike with its harshness.

Pride and prejudice, the foes of happiness.