English, Short Story


‘Hey, Marie’
‘What’s the purpose of life?’, he said, his blue eyes filled with ambiguity, ‘Can you tell me that?’
‘I can tell you my purpose is different than yours.’
‘But how can you be so sure?’
‘Well, I want to make art. And you want to be an engineer.’
‘We will be both creating then. Isn’t that the same?’
She looked at him with a hint of resentment. Then added, ‘I guess.’
‘So you don’t know what the purpose of life is?’, he continued.
‘I guess no.’
He was gloomy. He had so many answers to find and no one seemed to be willing to give them to him. Or maybe no one had the knowledge.
‘Hey, Marie’
With the slightest of movements, her eyes caught a glimpse of the moon and then transferred back to him.
‘Do you love me?’


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