English, Thoughts

The Formula of Happiness.

I wish I knew a routine that’s gonna keep me truly happy every day. Truth is each new day represents just another struggle to keep hold of happiness that is so stubbornly slipping away. And it is very likely that even if you find that formula how to be happy, a year from now it’s gonna be expired, and you will need to create a completely different one.

Everything in life is so transient, take for example our fragile human bodies which are full of life only for a couple of decades, make it a century in the best case scenario, not sure if the luckiest though. We are complicated creatures with complicated needs, yet most of the time we’re not living, but merely existing.

Instead of a search of the philosopher’s stone, I’d go on a pilgrimage like the Alchemist to find the formula of Happiness. Only I wouldn’t be the Alchemist, but I’d be the shepherd in search of my treasure for my treasure will be my happiness. And when I find it, I would be the luckiest adventurer in this world, a blessed child living among grown-ups.



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