English, Poetry



The mailman had a letter, delivered to
My only friend, a letter speaking of
His leaving. His father passed away,
His mother was in need of him, I
Was in need of him as well. He cried
He hadn’t had the chance to say
Goodbye; I cried because Goodbye
Was all that stood between us.

It was the phone that rang, that broke
The silence. I stood beside it, startled;
Picked it up. To my surprise, my boss
was calling. I had a job of serving
Chinese food, a smelly place, it didn’t
Pay a lot. And then the sentence echoed
Loudly, ‘We do not need you anymore,’
That was the end of it.

Misery was spreading in the room, while
He and I were doomed to be
Neglected – the children of despair.
I should have listened to my mother to
Never thrust my heart upon another but
Too late it was; my only friend was
Sitting on a chair beside me, regrets
Colliding to a climax, shared.


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