Prose, Short Story

The Motivational Reinforcement.

Sarah is studying psychology. Every week she misses at least one of her 9am lectures. On those occasions, she comforts herself with three to five spoons of Nutella. The so-called ‘positive reinforcement’ is a technique she learned in her first year in university. It is basically a method that rewards a behavior to encourage it. So when Sarah misses one of her lectures, instead of being faced with ‘negative reinforcement’, which is to receive a punishment for her behavior, she takes a reward in advance. Thus, she bribes her consciousness to feel guilty next time she considers skipping yet another lecture. She calls it ‘the motivational reinforsement’. So far this method has proven to be successful half of the times but that seems to be enough for her to continue following the same routine; the only drawback being her gaining extra kilos every week. Nonetheless, further research is to be conducted towards this innovation of psychology.


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