English, Prose, Short Story



‘When do you think people get sick of each other?’
‘I suppose when they have nothing else to say to each other.’

His words made her think. It had been ages since she last talked to her best friend. She called her parents occasionally, but all they ever said was, ‘Oh, you know, we’re okay.’ In return, she would reply that her life’s okay too. She helped in the kitchen of a local restaurant as a part-time job, most of her colleagues too proud to talk to her. The rest of the time she would spend either trying to write poetry, or doing the duties included in the description of a loyal housewife. Her husband, a lawyer with his own office, had started coming late for dinner lately, always making up excuses. All she could think of was he’s working too hard, her mind full of pity.

‘So, honey, what do you want for dinner tonight?’
‘Actually, I won’t be staying for dinner.’
‘But it is Saturday. You can surely not work tonight?’

‘Actually, I’m going on a date’, he coughed nervously. ‘I have found another woman. I believe she is my soulmate.’

Marie looked at her watch and after the few seconds of cold silence she added, ‘Do you think she would like lasagne?’


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