Writer’s block.

Every now and then writers fall into the no man’s land where inspiration seems to be missing. This could be happening due to many reasons, of course, but I think the most common ones are: lack of reading, lack of writing, and lack of living.

A great deal of what we write is based on what we’ve experienced in our lives. It’s natural then not to feel we have the capacity for developing a new story, or giving life to new characters if our own lives have become a product of routines, and no time for ourselves, no time for emotions.

Life can be a feast, a celebration for the senses. You only need to know how to live. I’m not saying that’s an easy task. However, if you feel drained, like your own demons are eating your energy, or unhappy, or even not motivated to get up in the morning, it becomes obvious that there’s a problem.

Here comes the awareness that a change must follow in order to restore the balance.

Get away from the words. Get in touch with the world, with nature, with yourself. Go outside and wander, talk to strangers, or go to your favourite café. Spend some time with people who fill you with positive energy and inspiration. Spend some time on your own. Start a new book, finish an old one – or go to the book store and read a bit of everything. Listen to some music, then listen to the silence. For in the silence you can reconnect with yourself and your heart the easiest. It’s not silence that has all the answers – it’s you. Silence simply makes you listen, makes you aware of the questions and then leads you to their answers.



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