English, Poetry



Once in a moonless sky
I said to myself,
‘What if it’s gone for a century;
what if it never comes back?
What if my kids don’t witness
the full moon’s wilderness?
What if I never have kids?
What if the girl I love chooses
to run away with the moon?’

The next day I woke up
I prayed that the stars
never decide to conquer the moon;
that the vicious laws of nature
never stand in the way of true love;
that Sky always remembers to
be faithful to Moon.

I prayed that my heart never forgets
that heavenly feeling of
loving and being loved in return,
such a beautiful thing.

English, Poetry



When did you become so greedy,
You piece of flesh and bones?
You’re nothing but an alchemist too needy
In search of non-existent stones.

Too proud to greet me on the street,
What am I – a forgotten friend, another foe?
I wonder if your heart still skips a beat;
Cut open, maybe only ruins will show.

I’m guessing here’s a word you’re not aware of: love.
A schematic mind is only full of monetary thoughts.
But if it suits you, that should be enough.
What’s another empty soul? Another Porsche to be bought.