Bulgarian, Poetry



Слънчевите дни са дни за споделеност,
в дъждовните и сама съм си достатъчна.

Не ми раздавай причини да те обичам –
дай ми щастие, сърцето само ще те последва.

Живея за моментите, които са неописуеми:
те са тези на любов неизмерима с прилагателни.


2 thoughts on “Послепис.

    • Post Script.

      Sunny days are days to be shared,
      in the rainy ones I can be on my own.

      Don’t bring me reasons why I should love you –
      give me happiness, and my heart would follow.

      I live for the moments that one cannot frame with words:
      they are the ones of love unmeasurable with adjectives.

      Truth is once you translate something, it loses its original meaning but it receives a new kind of charm. Hope you like it! 🙂

      P.S. Yes, I love the three movies – a true illustration of love!

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