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The most important lesson in life

We spend years of our lives planning ahead or fantasizing about the ‘perfect future’. We invest more energy in dreaming than actually trying to make our dreams come true. And what’s worse, we lose more energy worrying over things that haven’t yet happened or things that had happened long in the past instead of putting our energy into the present moment.

It’s all really simple but we all seem to forget it: life is short and time stops for no one.

When’s the last time you did something just because you felt like doing it? When’s the last time you crossed the boundaries of your comfort zone? When’s the last time you woke up and you felt great to be yourself?

In the long run, none of your mistakes, fears, or dreams would matter as much as what you actually did with your life. It’s not your intentions, but your actions that matter the most. Yes, as simple as that, this is the most valuable lesson in life: do more!

We live in a fast-developing and very technological world with more opportunities than any other generation could have possibly had. Instead of being more open-minded, curious and motivated to explore and succeed, however, people nowadays are rather lazy, dissatisfied and alienated.

We pay with credit cards, we communicate through smart-phones, we watch movies on our laptops, we play games on our PlayStations, we share more about our lives in the social networks rather than in actual conversations, we spend more time staring at a monitor rather than being outside, completing the meaning of the word ‘alive’.

We’ve grown to be a society that avoids social interactions unless unavoidably necessary – a society that doesn’t see the point in making the extra effort. A society that is no longer truly alive.

We’ve become users instead of being doers.

We invest more time in buying expensive toys than in learning, growing, or sharing.

Instead of perceiving money as the means to having a better life, the majority of people imagine that having money would make them not only rich, but also happy, which is of course one of the biggest mistakes of today’s society.

Sadly, it’s not just money that corrupt our joy. The second biggest obstacle to reaching the state of true happiness is wasting time doing things we’re not interested in or things that give us nothing.

Just because you have an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’re being truly productive or you’re living life up to your fullest potential.

It’s no wonder that so many people are unhappy when very few are actually brave enough to speak up their mind, to not care about people’s opinions, to nourish meaningful relationships, to follow their heart, and to always strive to go forward.

It’s essential that you take your time to figure out what it is that you really want to do and who you really want to be and put aside any doubts or fears of failure. Remember that we only have a limited time here so none of your fears or mistakes would really matter in the long run, especially when you’re in the pursuit of making your dreams come true.

”Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

It’s essential that you accept yourself for the person you are and truly embrace the idea of putting all of your potential to work. It’s important that you know who you are, what it is that you both desire and need, and how much effort are you willing to give. Only then will you be able to find the true happiness and wake up each morning knowing how to appreciate life, knowing that today’s day is truly a gift that shouldn’t be wasted.

Don’t forget, doing more means having more reasons to be happy. And doing more of the things you like means spreading more joy in this world.


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